Ollie Francis

Consultant, Designer, and Mentor in Bristol

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I'm Ollie. I'm a UX consultant, product designer and mentor. I'm the founder of Deckchair UX.

I work with digital teams and individuals who want to use technology, design and games to save the world.

I have worked with the NHS, Department of Health, University of Reading, H&M, Blind Veterans and the UK Space Agency.

I love food, art, blockchain, video games and climbing mountains.

Ollie and Becky's approach is meticulous, methodical and practical. They are objective thinkers, always ready to find an innovative path that serves the user best. The client is always happy with what they do, and we know they’ll deliver.
Janusz Stabik, Digital Agency Coach
Deckchair have an expert ability to assimilate complex information and focus us on the pains and gains of our potential customers. Their collaborative and coordinated process enabled rapid results.
Dr Maria Noguer, The Institute for Environmental Analytics